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Goalkeeper coaching is a fundamental element of the game, ensuring this specialised position is well catered for with dedicated sessions and practices designed to enhance the quality of the individual.

The UEFA Goalkeeper B diploma offers course participants a clear understanding of how to develop young goalkeepers and coach adult goalkeepers in either the amateur or elite game.

Four pillars of the UEFA Goalkeeper B Diploma

The specialised goalkeeper coach

- Developing a holistic understanding of the game and how it affects the actions and role of the goalkeeper

- Working with and understanding goalkeepers of various cultural backgrounds, ages, genders and levels of ability

- Working with goalkeepers in the period of maturation, especially during peak height velocity (major growth spurt), when training programmes often need to be adjusted to reduce the likelihood of growth-related issues

- Working closely with other support staff to develop the goalkeeper’s individual performance and their role as part of the team

The goalkeeper

- Understanding periodisation and knowing how to plan for the correct development of goalkeepers in the medium and short term

- Knowing how to devise development plans for individual goalkeepers to achieve personal goals in the technical, tactical, physical and psychological/social sectors

- Providing effective opportunities for the goalkeepers to gain sufficient playing opportunities during matches

- Dealing with each goalkeeper’s support networks

The training environment

- Ability to apply plans to a positive practical training environment based on the reality of the game (reality-based learning)

- Conducting training sessions appropriate to the goalkeepers’ needs

- Understanding and managing goalkeepers through their individual physical and psychological development

- Analysing the goalkeeper’s individual actions to gain a clear understanding of training session design and how it meets the needs of both the individual goalkeeper’s and the team’s performances

- Reviewing the training sessions to make positive adaptations

The match

- Supporting the transition from training to matches in a constructive, positive way

- Focusing on the development of the goalkeeper during matches

- Ensuring sufficient playing time for all goalkeepers

- Considering the match as an evaluation and learning tool

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