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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Does the Irish FA accept equivalent qualifications gained outside or Europe?

A) Unfortunately, the Irish FA does not currently accept equivalent qualifications for applying for Irish FA / UEFA Courses.

Q) Is my English FA L2 qualification recognised as equivalent to UEFA C so that I can apply directly to UEFA B Diploma Course?

A) The Irish FA does not recognise the English FA L2 qualification as an equivalent to UEFA C, so you would not be eligible to apply to the Irish FA’s UEFA B Diploma Course directly and would need to apply for the UEFA C Diploma Course in the first instance.

Q) When I apply for my course, the shopping basket is only giving me the option of the highest price. Is there a way I can change this to apply for the option I require?

A) Your shopping basket will show the highest price of the course. However, when you complete the next stage of the application process, you can choose the course fee option relevant to you and this is the amount you will be charged if successful in gaining a place.

Q) Can I complete my first aid course through the Irish FA?

A) As part of our Irish FA National Coaching Certificate, candidates are expected to complete a 3 hour First Aid Course. Unfortunately, we don’t offer stand alone First Aid courses.

You could contact St Johns Ambulance or Proparamedics to see if they have any courses available.

Q) Do I need to revalidate my Irish FA Level 1 / National Coaching Certificate?

A) The validity of a Level 1 has recently changed. There is no longer an expiry date for the Level 1 (now called National Coaching Certificate).

However, the expiry date for your Access NI and First Aid which is not awarded by the Irish FA but by independent bodies, remain as stated on your certificates.

You can, if you wish, progress to the next level on the coaching ladder, UEFA C Diploma.

You have 6 years from the completion of your Level 1 to do this, if you decide to progress to the UEFA C Diploma after 6 years, then you will have to re do the NCC Course (formerly Irish FA Level 1).

Q) How do I revalidate my UEFA Award? Keeping your UEFA C, B, A or Pro Licence up to date – Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

A) All coaches holding UEFA qualifications require 15 CPD credits in total every 3 years to keep their licences valid.

The Irish FA will recognise CPD carried out where you are working / living, so you do not need to attend CPD workshops through the Irish FA, but you can if you wish.

Examples of CPD

  • Relevant 3rd Level or Post Graduate Diploma Course (15 credits)
  • Club Visits (even with a different sport) (15 credits, if its more than 2 days)
  • Masterclasses (5 Credits)
  • Sports Related Conferences and Workshops (1 or ½ day = 5 credits)
  • Football Youth Modules (Irish FA, Scottish FA, English FA etc.) (15 Credits)
  • NON-UEFA Football qualifications (15 credits)

Please note that CPD must be relevant to the level of your award, for instance a First Aid or Safeguarding Course would not be relevant CPD for a coach holding a UEFA A or Pro Licence etc. if you are unsure of anything, please get in touch and we can offer further guidance.

(Regular coaching sessions at your club (in your job) does not qualify for Continuous Professional Development)