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How to

Access Irish FA Courses

Our Online courses can now be accessed via;

1. Full purchase of the course through the shop located at

2. A course code issued by an Irish FA representative 

Below is a guide on how to access a course via each method 

Full Purchase Option

1. Go to

2. Select a course from the menu for more information.

3. Select your region, and the date most convenient to you.
You can view further details of a course or click buy/apply now

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase process and access your course

Course code registration

1. If you have a course code, go to and click the login button

2. On the login screen, click register your account now

3. You will be taken through a 4 step process – your first step is to input the code provided and your email address. Please note, the email address will need to be the one you issued to Irish FA in order for them to have issued you the code.

Steps 2,3 and 4 will require information to be input, and once completed you will be logged onto your homepage. 

Accessing your courses

1. Once logged in, you can either click on the courses tab on the left hand menu, or click on the course that you have available on your dashboard. Courses available to access will have a green, open padlock. Courses not yet available will show a locked padlock.

2. Click on the course title, and you will get the option to 'launch course'. 

3. You will be taken to the Course Overview page where you will be able to click 'launch topic' (next to the module title). This will open the online module

Menu Bar

  • Messages is where you will need to check for direct messages from your teacher - they may be giving your an update of something, or setting your work.
  • Courses allows access to all courses you have assigned to you.
  • Evidence - some courses require you to submit evidence, this will be here for you to view
  • Certificates - will become available once you have completed a course. You will be able to view and print any certificates you have achieved from here.
  • Qualifications - your qualifications are stored here, you can also add previous courses you have attended
  • My Details - Allows you to access your details and change you password
  • Logout - exits you from the learning system